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(SEO = Search Engine Optimization)
Mandalytics is an innovative SEO platform for businesses looking to increase their rankings, at a fraction of the cost of traditional SEO services.
We offer SEO plans to fit all budgets. From affordable DIY solutions, to comprehensive SEO consultation and implementation.
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Increased SEO rankings explained in 3 simple steps:

Enter your website domain and the keywords you wish to rank for.
Mandalytics will run a site audit, analyze your content, backlinks, competitors, traffic & current rankings.
Complete the SEO tasks created by the system, and track your ranking progress over time.

A new concept in SEO

Mandalytics offers low-risk SEO solutions without long-term commitments. Our platform generates step-by-step instructions for you (or your team) to follow.

Rankings demystified

Gradually optimize your website for higher search engine rankings, and gain valuable SEO knowledge along the way, thanks to our detailed SEO guides, help documentation and support.

Do it yourself or let us help you!

Mandalytics offers plans that suits every business size, budget and level of SEO knowledge, without long-term contracts or commitments. 
'Do-It-Yourself' SEO, where you follow step-by-step tasks & instructions to optimize your website. By using our extensive SEO guides and support, you will also gain valuable SEO knowledge along the journey.
'Done-With-You' SEO consultation plans, where our experts regularly analyze your situation and guide you towards the most efficient SEO practices suited for your specific case.
‘Done-For-You’, full-service, hands-off SEO plans, where we take care of everything! The packages include On-Page SEO (technical optimizations and content updates/creation) and Off-Page SEO (backlinks, social mentions, local citations, guest posting and press releases).
Mandalytics features in a nutshell
// Website Audit

Get a birds-eye view of important SEO issues

An error-free website is the foundation of a successful SEO campaign. With Mandalytics, you can find and address critical website issues quickly and easily.

The dashboard view provides a clear overview of your website’s progress, and you can click on different segments to dig deeper into problems, suggested improvements, and statistics.

By addressing errors on your website, you can ensure that your SEO campaign is built on a solid foundation.


SEO analysis & task automation at its best

Enter your website and main keywords you wish to rank for. Then pick your main competitors from a suggested list, and discover SEO opportunities within minutes! Sometimes it doesn’t take more than 30 min of adjustments to make a major impact in rankings!

// Rank tracking

Find low hanging fruit for quick traffic gains!

Did you know that ranking #1 in Google can boost your website’s clicks by a whopping 780%* compared to ranking #5?

This is a significant difference that most website owners oversee. With Mandalytics, you will find these ranking opportunities in no-time, along with step-by-step instructions on how to get to the top!

* According to a 2023 study.

// Rank tracking

Track your rankings where it matters most

Our powerful keyword rank tracking tool can be customized to meet the needs of any business.

If you are located in USA, you can track rankings on However, if your target customers are also located in UK, you can choose to track the search results on as well.

Local businesses can even track their rankings in specific areas relevant to them, based on zip codes or cities, and video creators can track their rankings on YouTube.

Ready to find the hidden opportunities for your website? Get started today!
// Competitor Analysis

'Steal' your competitor's SEO strategies

If your search engine rankings have decreased, it may be due to your competitors’ superior SEO strategies. With Mandalytics, you can stay up-to-date on their progress and even use their work to your advantage. By tracking their ranking changes, you can gain valuable insights into their methods and stay one step ahead.

// documents | Guides | Support

SEO guides, marketing advice & expert support

Mandalytics provides a comprehensive library of help documents, SEO guides and online marketing advice. Our support team is available to answer any questions you may have.

For our DWY and DFY plans, our team of SEO experts are on hand to investigate your specific situation.

// reports

Automated Reports & Multiple User Access

Scheduled SEO reports branded with your company logo to help you and your team make better data-driven decisions. With lots of relevant metrics and blended data, these reports can be customized and emailed automatically on schedule.

SEO Plans That Suits Every Business' Budget & Needs

Whether you are looking for DIY SEO, SEO consultation, or a full-service package, we got you covered!
Mandalytics offers three types of service plans:



Utilize Mandalytics comprehensive SEO platform to research, analyze and complete automated tasks. Study the guides and knowledge-base if you need more information. Our support team is standing by to answer any questions on how to use the platform’s numerous modules efficiently.



Besides utilizing the platform to complete frequently generated SEO tasks, our experts will regularly analyze your specific SEO situation and provide valuable suggestions. Depending on your service plan, a detailed report is submitted weekly or biweekly, usually as a recorded walk-through video where we address urgent SEO issues.



Mandalytics also offer complete hands-off, done-for-you SEO plans where we take care of everything in regards to analysis & research, the creation of an SEO strategy, and regularly executing tasks. We also take care of content creation and link building, as needed according to your specific situation.

A Valuable Investment In Your Business

Mandalytics is more than just analytics. Our comprehensive analysis platform, automated tasks, SEO guides and expert advice, allow for your business to achieve SEO results at a fraction of the cost of traditional services. And if you choose one of our DIY or guided DWY plans, you are investing in your team's SEO knowledge as well.
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Say goodbye to high SEO rates & low quality work

Unless you’re willing to pay a premium to well-established consultants or marketing agencies, entering a long-term contract with an SEO partner can be very risky business. Often, it can leave people disappointed, discouraged and even skeptical about SEO and its effectiveness, as a whole.

Say hello to data-driven SEO

Mandalytics takes a different approach. By providing assistance and guides to you or your team, you will steadily gain online visibility by completing SEO tasks based on analysis of your website’s current issues, potential keyword rankings, and your competitors’ SEO efforts.

A risk-free SEO investment without commitments!

Get the SEO work done while gaining valuable knowledge. Our comprehensive guides and support will help increase the foundational understanding of SEO within your business.

All Features

Rank tracking

Track your website rankings
Track YouTube rankings
Track social media rankings
Competitor analysis
Competitors rankings

Keyword Research

Find competitors’ keywords
Get keyword suggestions
Extract Search Console keywords

Traffic Analysis

Google Analytics
Google Search Console
Google Ads

Site Health

Comprehensive website audit
Landing page SEO suggestions
Internal link metrics
Sitemap generation


Your backlinks
Competitor backlinks finder
Partner links monitoring

Google Business Profile

Location insights
Local competitors

Social Analytics

Facebook insights
Social engagement
Web buzz monitoring

Competitor Metrics

Top competitors
Shared keywords
Competitor traffic
Competitor backlinks
Social citations
Rankings by keyword
Rankings by search engine

Tasks & Reports

Automated & manual tasks
Automated & manual reports

Help Documents, Guides & Support

Documentation  of Platform Modules
SEO Guides – Beginner to Advanced
Email & Live Chat Support
SEO Expert Support
SEO Consultation (DWY Plans Only)

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